Chapter 27
Chile & Argentina: Various Messages
White Wellies chasing wildlife

White Wellies chasing wildlife


Feliz ano nueve etc etc. All is fun here. Arrived last night in Vina del Mar, Chile after a detour via Buenos Aires to put T-F-L in a box to send it back to Yurop. The whole process was easy as you like really and quite affordable. The sun is shining, everybody gives receipts for everything and the women are less pretty, but still not all require a bag over their head.


catch ya,
am off to the beach to top up the bronzed god-like tan.....


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News Flash.... Did it; And it was fun....

Good Day to you,

A quick one, people. Today at about 3.45pm Brighty arrived at Lapataia at the end of Argentina's Ruta 3. This little landmark is also known as 'Fin del Mundo'. You can't drive any further south. I am closer to the South Pole than to Peru. It's cold and windy, but I'm happy to be able to revisit the place I struggled to on 24th March 2001.

Last time, it was a toil on Goaty. This time it was great fun: On a light, responsive, unmoody, attitudinally unchallenged, nameless, shagged-out 1998 Kawasaki KLR650. Despite the hard life this Jap bike had before I got on it in Vina del Mar 2 weeks ago AND the abuse of me riding it hard and fast (they don't call me 'Hard and Fast Perito Bright' for nothing, in fact they don't call me H&F P B at all :-)) all the way down the crappie caminos that are the Careterra Austral and Ruta 40, it never once let me down...

The exhaust is real loud (baffles in the silencer are expiring), the front left fork seal leaks like a sieve, the front wheel rim is a little buckled and in 2700 miles I have topped it up with a gallon of engine oil, but it just keeps on going..... Every night after riding, I clean the chain with WD40 and lube it with 90-grade trannie oil and check the fork oil level. In the morning, I check the engine oil level (and top it up), monitor the tyre pressure, hit the starter and, without fail, it roars into life........ and then..... I ride far, ride fast and enjoy riding.


The only way now is north.

I arrive in JFK NY NY on the morning of 21st Feb and will kiss British soil (or more like the arrivals lounge carpet at Heathrow) at about 9pm on 25th Feb.

See you, hear from you, touch you, whenever,


It is, you are, I am,
Perito Bright and Norman

PS. The FIRST tripled-balled slaphead to drive with a Malawian Togolosh to the end of the World on 2 different bikes twice within 12 months. So there!!!!

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