Chapter 26
Brazil & Argentina
A little mishap... The Fat Lady has sung!... Caption Competition...

Bongo Drums to Christmas...



A quick mail to wish you all the VERY BEST FOR THE FESTIVE SEASON AND 2002 AND TO HOPE YOU DRINK FAR TOO MUCH BEER, WINE, WHISKEY AND CAIPRINJA AND EXPLODE AS A RESULT OF A MINCE PIE, CHURASCO AND TURKEY OVERDOSE, as well as to let you know the latest in the life of thebrightstuff.


Salvador bongo drums: For the same reason every chappie with a hammer and a rusty nail ain't a mechanic, every plonker with a drum ain’t going to have an A and R man for a Samba record label chasing him.

Now I’m in southern Brazil, being treated really well by a multitude of great bikers and non-bikers. Rio de Janeiro was visited and the usual sights ticked off, although T-shirts weren’t bought.


I like Brazil

It has been statistically proven, that in Brazil you are more likely to die in a road traffic accident than in any other country in the world. They drive like complete and utter negligent w**kers.

Add to this, (in northern Brazil particularly), shocking roads, speed bumps, the heat, long, straight, boring distances, I would recommend you fly from place to place. Don’t get me wrong. I do like Brazil. A lot. There are great cities, interesting historical sights, natural wonders, super people, lovely babes, the best beaches, but.... getting to each of these places and people is a pain and unnecessarily dangerous.


Where do I go from here? I’ll spend Chrimbo and New Year in southern Brazil and head for Chile in early January. Why? Because at the end of January/early February I will be in Ushuaia, the southernmost city in South America.

After that it will be time for contemplation and to get my ´life` together. New career, new woman (any loose flussies out there??), new bike, renew old friendships from before the trip, try to keep up new friendships.... I fancy purchasing a little dirtbike to scream around the dirt on. Otherwise it will be sit tight, drive a car and see what happens.

There you have it.
Wilco, Wing Commander, Roger, Over and Out.
Love and bubbles,
CB and Norman x

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