Chapter 21
And he’s off… again…
3 Balls Bright On the Road Again
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3 Balls Bright On the Road Again

Help save the lesser spotted Dick

Hi folks,


A quick word. On Friday I am off to South America for another few months to check out the sights and sounds of el Continento Magnifico. The following is a chance to see if my mailing list still works and to remind you to only send 'normal' mail. So: NO 'forwards', NO chain letters asking me to help save the lesser spotted Dick, or similar, from extinction, NO pictures or anything else of that ilk.


You would be surprised how much pleasure is derived from, once in a while, receiving an 'all is OK here, hope you're good' message. This takes you 2 minutes and gives me at least 2 days of smiles. Then again, you're probably too busy.

Have spent a few months catching up with the rellos and other friendly types as well as saving some cash folding money.

Thanks to all those I saw/ spoke to while back in Yurop. If I missed you it was because dates were not convenient or I had nothing to say anyway. Talking of nothing to say, you'll be pleased to know that there will be no more long, vaguely c**p episodes venturing into your inbox over the next 4 or 5 months. I plan only to do the usual 'staying in touch' thing.


Have been editing my films and words recently. The pictures aren't bad (did a slide show the other day: the audience didn't walk out half way through...). The words on the other hand... did I really write them?

Won't be taking a laptop with me this time. Need the space for a spare shock absorber and driveshaft. Will also take 2 new tyres, a timing chain, a diode board, 40 rolls of slide film and a new crash helmet.

The plan is to leave Chile ASAP and spend all my time in Bolivia, Peru, Colombia and Brazil, with transit through Ecuador and Venezuela, before flying out of Buenos Aires in Mid December.

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The first 3-testicled, folically challenged, fat person of mixed origin


I intend to be the first 3-testicled, folically challenged, fat person of mixed origin, to drive a totally unsuitable lardy overlander, over some bad roads, but essentially nowhere in particular: I will neither drive around the world, nor do a full loop of South America, nor travel down the Amazon in a leaky canoe powered by a bunch of rabid piranhas chasing after my sweaty underpants and even better... I won't I tell anybody about it.

A friend (whom I hope does not mind me reprinting this without being credited by name) offered the following advice:

'Jump up and down, give thanks you are free and off to one of the most beautiful places on earth. Ride those wild roads, breathe that cool mountain air and sit in the dirt with real people that will never leave their village. Enjoy the freedom of choice to go or stay. Turn left or right and laugh and have fun... flatter old, fat women. Flirt with young women and take interest in old people. Play with kids, pet dogs and do not think about tomorrow. Enjoy.'


Apart from having a very healthy disrespect for dogs, I could not agree more with this philosophy.

So far, I have written 500 words telling you I don't want to write any more in the future. Maybe there is a career in journalism after all.

Hasta luego,
Not a Drei Ei left in the house Bright

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