A 2009 Southern African 4x4 Safari with Aimee & Bailey
by TheBrightStuff.com

In July and August 2009 Aimee, Bailey and Chris toured some interesting parts of southern Africa. We met lots of great people and saw some pretty interesting scenery and wildlife. In terms of distance travelled, we probably drove a bit too far in the time we had! On this page there are 3 videos. Also click here for a short photo gallery.

Hope you like them!

Hot air ballooning over the Dunes at Sossusvlei, Namibia: A highlight of our trip
Okavango Delta Mokoro Safari Botswana. Another highlight of our trip
4x4 Landcruiser driving clips. Sadly I think I'll stick to 2 wheels for future trips: Off-road on 4 wheels is far too uncomfortable!
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