Dyed wool in his flies reincarnation

Dyed wool in his flies reincarnation


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From the 2002 BMW R1150GS-Adventure Brochure, taken in Bolivia in Aug 2001: I trust everything I read: Dyed in to wool (possibly in my flies ?!) Globetrotter. More like Del Boy Trotter than Globetrotter, but never mind. If you swing by your local friendly, down to earth, un arrogant dealer you can pick up this brochure. See page 30, the clothing section: I'm the one that makes the model look smart. Also on both sides of the pull out poster, the same image again.


What does 'dyed in the wool' mean? Maybe I can get a job in translating too? The German was 'ein waschechter Globetrotter', which means 'real world traveller'. The Dutch version describes me as 'een echte wereldreiziger', which is, in fact, how I feel. My project is now to get hold of the French, Spanish, Japanese and Russian editions of this wonderful manuscript. Can anybody help?

What you might find amusing (I certainly do) is that I, the slagger off of this notorious German brand should appear to be endorsing the product. Call me Judas if you want...


An even more amusing (or not, depending on you sense of humour) point is that in June this year (according to the German Motorradfahrer magazine) the R1150GS was the best selling bike in Germany by far outselling any of the Japanese/ English/Italian/ other German competition. I am thoroughly convinced that I -el woolly Hosenschlitz Bright- am singularly responsible for this sales leap of faith! Hurrah!!!!!

P.S. I now the brochure in 10 languages (!!!) : English, German, French, Spanish, Japanese, Norwegian, Swedish, Dutch, Italian and Hungarian… Sad or what?!??

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