<< Back to Since2002 Overview<< Summer 2010: Riding some pleasant tracks in the western United States: CDT, TAT, Lolo & OBDT. All Images C Bright
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01 Proposed Routes.jpg
02 Airconditioned chain change PHX AZ.jpg
03 Pie Town NM.jpg
04 First motel water pump fix.jpg
05 Big sky NM.jpg
06 First dirt.jpg
07 GB bike.jpg
08 Cowboy.jpg
09 Indian Motocycle.jpg
10 El Rito NM I.jpg
11 El Rito NM II Great food.jpg
12 Camping at El Rito NM.jpg
13 Old cars.jpg
14 UFOs r us.jpg
15 Pleasant surprise US beers.jpg
16 Front tyre change.jpg
17 So it says.jpg
18 Purile humour.jpg
19 Rocky mountain views.jpg
20 Beech tree lined alley.jpg
21 Rocky mountain views.jpg
22 He thinks I have sugar.jpg
23 Passing storm Atlantic City WY.jpg
24 Xing.jpg
25 Dawn chain lube.jpg
26 Conintal Divide.jpg
27 More xing.jpg
28 Metal moose Theres a story with this.jpg
29 Water pump fix II.jpg
30 CB and friend Rob who restores funiture.jpg
31 Million Dollar Cowboy Bar Jackson WY.jpg
32 Grand Tetons.jpg
33 Idaho Track 001.jpg
34 Disused railway bridge on Idaho Track 001.jpg
35 Great paddling and fishing country.jpg
36 Red Rock Pass aka You ugly too.jpg
37 Waiting for storm to pass from W to E nr Bannack State Park MT.jpg
38 Time for a bath.jpg
39 Overweight is under prepared.jpg
40 Just after sunset Bannack MT.jpg
41 Lots of these en route.jpg
42 Harley Bingo Wings Missoula Montana.jpg
43 Easy Rider.jpg
43b Lance in deep contemplation at Garaj Mahal Missoula MT.jpg
44 A vast selection of beers in Missoula MT.jpg
45 Lolo Motorway in Idaho.jpg
46 In transit to Walla Walla for the start of the ODT.jpg
47 The rain eventually came.jpg
48 After the rain comes the sun.jpg
49 Not much happens in Ukiah OR.jpg
50 Saw nobody for 3 hours.jpg
51 Wilderness.jpg
52 A 100 foot ford to cross at 7pm in the evening.jpg
53 Planning the next days journey.jpg
54 Wilderness II.jpg
54b The nice lady in the fire lookout tower.jpg
55 Crater Lake OR.jpg
56 An obstacle to negotiate.jpg
57 Single track or no track through forest in OR.jpg
58 My old and new bike Denio Jtn NV.jpg
59Uphill McDarmitt to Battle Mountain NV.jpg
60 This bridge is on my TAT gps track NO workround.jpg
61 This bridge too Easy work round through dry river bed.jpg
62 I rode on dirt parallel to this.jpg
63 There really is nothing out here.jpg
64 Loaded.jpg
65 Not only the Romans built straight roads.jpg
66 I wish I hadnt turned left here Between Richfield and Green River UT.jpg
67 It got a bit rougher but not too bad.jpg
68 Nice parking job.jpg
68b Trace on loaded klr Fellow TATer going east west.jpg
68c He showed me his directions DOH.jpg
69 Beer transporter Silverton CO.jpg
70 Dr G at Silverton CO HU meet.jpg
71 Cinammon Pass CO.jpg
72 Rocky Mountain Views I.jpg
73 Ed and Matt with CB The last time we met was in Cusco Peru 10 years ago.jpg
74 Rocky Mountain Views II.jpg